Sunday, March 18, 2012

Surviving Rejection

I did it.

I finally, finally, FINALLY sent my first query letter. Sent it on Wednesday, received my first form rejection on Thursday.

Deflating, you ask? Why yes, yes it was. But only for a minute. It fueled my fire to get more queries out there, because it taught me that, yes, the query process really is as terrible and demoralizing and ruthless as everybody says it is, so I might as well just get over myself and get my manuscript out there. It might not get published, but it certainly won't get published if I don't send it out. Which leads me to an additional reason to add to my last post's list:
  • The possibility of getting published is more appealing than the reality of getting rejected. Sad but true. A manuscript sitting on my hard drive, untainted by real-world opinion, is a manuscript that's full of promise. A query letter getting kicked back with a big red X on it 24 hours after I finally got up the nerve to send it is a reality check. A really, really big one. It's also a challenge.
I'd set a goal to send one query letter a week from here on out, but I don't think that's good enough. I'd rather send two a week, maybe three. Bring on the punishment, people! I can take it. At least now I'm doing something with my manuscript, not letting it languish on my hard drive, emanating fruitless hope and unfulfilled promise.

Yeah, so rejection sucks. So does fear of getting rejected. I choose to be brave.

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  1. You have shared quite important point. Because one has to be brave enough to face the challenge and your thought is quite similar. Thanks for sharing your experience.