Thursday, June 16, 2011

Writer's Block

Wow. I'm so sorry about the unannounced 6-week break from This Writing Business! It was unplanned and unexpected, but it goes to show how taking a few days off can seriously derail a girl's writing routine.

As far as explanation is concerned, I've been wrapped up in a major freelance writing gig for a corporate client. For the last three and a half months, I've spent Tuesdays and Thursdays in The Land of Gray Walls & White Noise getting reacquainted with corporate life and writing communications materials. That, too, was unexpected - the result of a random phone call from years of inadvertent networking.

The new gig means I've had to cram my usual freelance writing work - newspaper and magazine stories on homes, design and the arts - into the other three days of the workweek along with mommying and revising my WIP. I haven't neglected my manuscript (or my child) in these busy few months, but I haven't had as much time for revisions as I'd like, to say the least. And blogging? Well, you can see how well that's worked out. I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel now, though. Just two weeks left of my four-month assignment, then my schedule should regain some level of normalcy.

Whatever that means for a freelance writer.

At any rate, I'm determined to stop neglecting my blog, and I have a lot I want to blog about. In the midst of the busy-ness, I've hit some writing milestones - like participating in my first critique session with an actual group of fiction writers (before, the only people who'd read my work were friends and family members). It was wonderful and awful all at the same time ... but both the wonderful and the awful parts were actually wonderful, if that makes sense. It doesn't? OK, put it this way: I learned a LOT from the criticism I received. And I'm hoping to build some relationships from it and gain at least one long-term critique partner.

So basically, hi! This Writing Business is back. I hope you're meeting your writing goals and maybe even learning a little bit from my scheduling missteps. ;-)

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