Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

Try as I might, it's so hard to work today. A blanket of snow is draped over my house, my yard, my world ... and my brain.

I can hear my husband and son out playing in the front yard in the snow, making a "pathetic snowman," as my husband called it. But I'm sure to my son, it's the most amazing snowman he's yet seen in his four little years.

I have writing I want to do. I have editing I need to do. I have freelance work I have to do. But seriously, there's a winter wonderland out there - so rare in our little corner of the world - and I think I have to enjoy that more than do any of this.

Nobody's in the office for me to talk to anyway. This is the South. People down here don't drive on cold, slushy roads. Nor should they - it's a field of bumper cars in this city. And that's on a warm, dry day.

Why am I still sitting here? Time to bundle up and head out....

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