Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Obsession

I'm in the mode right now where I don't want to do anything - literally, anything - but edit. Sleep is an inconvenience, work is an inconvenience. I've even skipped meals. Which for me is really saying something....

I'm still hoping to meet my goal of a final draft completed and ready for critique by March 1. It helps that I've got a couple of all-weekend editing getaways planned in the next couple of months. It also helps that my husband gave me such an awesome Christmas gift (see previous post). But mainly, it helps that me and my MC are totally jiving now. I get her. She gets me. We're cool.

It's been a struggle.

One I'll elaborate on soon, really. But for now, I HAVE to go edit.

By the way, Happy New Year!!!

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