Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Writer's Greatest Gift

I've been posting a lot here lately about my editing goals and how I'd like to have a draft finished for critique/queries by March 1. A few weeks ago I ended a post with a little *hint* to my husband that this Christmas, the best gift for me would be time.

Turns out, he actually reads this thing. Who knew?

And guess what? He did give me time for Christmas. He literally wrapped it into a package. (OK, maybe he didn't literally wrap time into a package. But he did figure out a way to put "the gift of time" under our tree.) Hopefully he won't mind if I share his awesomeness with you....

Inside a gift bag were 15 tokens. (Actual tokens, like the ones you used in the ski ball machine when you were a kid. I have no idea where my husband got tokens.) Along with the tokens was a small cardboard "sign" with this headline: Payment Plan for Book Editing Time. Under the headline were two columns, one labeled "coins" and one labeled "product." Under the "coins" column were numbers. Under the "product" column were units of time each number of coins buys.

So, for example, two coins buys uninterrupted editing time that starts at 8 p.m. - meaning he cleans up after dinner and handles our son's bathtime and bedtime. Four coin buys four hours of uninterrupted time, any time, no questions asked. Ten coins buys an entire Saturday. And so on. And when I run out of coins, the system resets.

I asked him how long this gift would be in effect, and he answered, "Until you're finished revising the book."

Seriously, people. How awesome is the man I married???


  1. Hi Stacey,

    What a great gift and a great husband! I am fortunate that my husband is also being very accomodating during my revisions (although he and the kids can't wait until I reach the query stage so they can have more of my time). Our timelines are similar too athough I may not be querying until April. Good luck with revisions. I'm almost done with mine and they're not easy, that's for sure :) Tracey

  2. Good luck with your revisions too, Tracey. We'll have to commiserate during the query process - I hear it's no piece of cake. ;-) But I'm sure you're as anxious as I am to get there.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Stacey--What a sweet and thoughtful gift! I think finding enough time is a common issue for most writers, regardless of the genre. Sometimes practicing good time management skills and having an understanding significant other play major roles in moving our careers forward!