Saturday, September 25, 2010

Why Is Editing So Hard???

Writing my first draft of my first-ever work of fiction was easy.

OK, maybe not easy, considering I'd never done it before and I had a full-time job, a part-time freelance writing gig and all the trappings of a married, home-owning, mother-of-a-3-year-old life. Add all that together and it equals a lot of nights with very little sleep.

But some of my best stuff came out after 1 a.m.

That's not, however, translating into revisions. I still love my manuscript, and I'm itching to start querying it out, but I can't do that until it's ready, and it won't be ready until I actually buckle down and finish editing it. Problem is, my schedule is still roughly the same - it's just that writing has become my full-time-ish job and my old full-time job is now my part-time job. (I apologize to anyone who's actually reading this for the total incoherency....) Point is, I still have to do my unpaid writing work very, very late at night.

While writing, I had to force myself to put the computer away and go to sleep. But while editing, I keep falling asleep in the middle of trying to work. Aargh! That system isn't lending itself to producing a polished final draft.

So, suggestions, anyone? I've thought about creating a time slot during my daytime working hours for editing. Not ideal, considering I have as much paid writing work to do during those hours as I can handle. But at least I'd be able to keep my eyes open. I've also thought about getting away for some intense editing time - holing up somewhere for a weekend, on my own, with no distractions. Maybe that'd work; I'd probably get a lot done.

But I'd be wracked with Mommy guilt.

Again, aargh! So, OK, it's 12:45 a.m. and I've vented here enough to wake my brain up a bit. Back to the manuscript it is....

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