Monday, September 27, 2010

It's ... Too ... Much ...

This has been one of those days where it feels like my tower of work is going to collapse and crumble all around me. Seriously - too much work, not enough time. Which is a not such a bad problem to have, considering I've been dealing with just the opposite in my day job as a designer.

But tough to handle all the same.

Part of the problem is that every week lately, there's been some sort of "special" circumstance, like traveling or having to work extra at the office or lack of a babysitter, that's caused me to miss out on some precious freelance writing work time. Each week, I've busted my tail to make all my deadlines, but haven't had time to prepare for the following week's deadlines. So the next week starts and I'm in the same spot all over again.

I think it's that I'm still adjusting to my new schedule and to this life as a sort-of full-time writer. Growing pains, I guess you could say. I'll choose to look at it that way - I'm growing into this new profession, growing and learning and adapting and hopefully figuring out the best ways to make this career of mine work.

And until I do - and maybe even once I do - I'll continue to fit work in wherever I can, including these late-night, after-the-little-guy's-in-bed hours. It really is worth it to own my time. Because even though the trip I've planned for later this week is eating into my work time, at least I can take it without having to worry about how many vacation days it's eating up.

Seriously, why am I complaining? The reason I'm doing this in the first place is because at the end of the day, it's all about the trade-offs. No, my work's not easy - especially on days like this. But it's mine, and I can pick and choose how much work I take on and when, and even when it threatens to topple down on me (like today), I still love it.

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