Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fitting It In Where I Can

I'm sitting at my desk at the interior design firm where I work a very part-time schedule, and I want to be writing. I need to be writing. I will be writing soon, very soon. I've been plowing through my design work to-do list, and the next thing on it isn't design, but journalism - it's the story I have due first thing in the morning, which I've yet to start.

So I'll be sitting here for a few more hours at my desk at the design firm, finishing up my client work for the week and waiting for my co-workers to trickle out the door. Then I'll stick around and write.

Got to do it whenever and wherever I can. That's the toughest part, for me, of the writing life. Life comes first, paid writing work comes second and unpaid writing work gets stuck into whatever cracks life happens to leave open. Usually that's time that would otherwise be used for sleep.

Hopefully I can knock this story out quickly and have a little sliver of time to be alone with my manuscript. Because those slivers have been too few and too far between lately, and I miss my characters. I miss the exhilarated feeling of getting somewhere with my manuscript. I miss writing, even though I do it all the time. Funny how I love writing so much that I even miss it while I'm sitting here doing it.

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