Sunday, September 19, 2010

Creative Recharge

I've spent the past 14 months half in the real world, half in a fictional world. The fictional world has taken over my real life at times (occasionally beyond reason), and I've spent loads of my free time either writing (eight and a half months to finish my first draft) or editing (five months of revisions so far).
And I did a little editing this weekend.

But I also felt a huge need to recharge - to do something creative that in no way involved sitting in front of a computer screen. So last night, I painted. For the first time in, well, probably 14 months. I got a random urge to finally do something with these two tiny canvases I bought in an art shop on vacation a couple of months ago, so I dragged out my supplies and went to work.

I'm no Monet, but my little project was fun. And then afterward, I lost myself in novel-land and actually knocked out the rest of the section I've been working on. Apparently, I really needed that creative kick in the pants.

Then today, I got another creative recharge - this one completely different, and completely different from anything I've ever done. I went with my best friend to a five-hour class at the Viking Cooking School. We pan-seared and blanched and butterflied and marinated. We learned some mean dicing techniques. We whipped up damn-near perfect chocolate souffles. And then we ate like food was going out of style.

I needed this weekend for perspective. I needed it to remind myself that the real world is great, too, and that I have to make room for my other hobbies. And now I'm ready to head back to the land of make-believe.

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